Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baltimore Sun

Sarah Weinman wrote an article for the December 24th issue of The Baltimore Sun called: "Books that didn't get the attention they should have" The Keeper, along with Sokoloff's The Harrowing both get mentions:"Two of the best cross-genre debuts were penned by women. Sarah Langan stormed onto the new-wave horror scene with The Keeper (HarperTorch, 382 pp., $6.99), a beautiful, suspenseful novel of the hold a strange young woman has on an entire Maine small town that sets out to do exactly what it should: scare the reader with a combination of well-crafted prose and page-turning velocity. Likewise, Alexandra Sokoloff's The Harrowing (St. Martin's Press, 239 pp., $21.95) takes a familiar premise - five college students stuck in a haunted house - and adds a decidedly ancient mystic twist that ups the scare factor several-fold. The story wastes no words and is mercifully stripped of extraneous detail."

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