Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The signing in Wilkes-Barre, PA was a good one, and I met some delightful people, none of whom, thankfully, had written novels about puppies, bunnies, or single women who spend too much money on shoes. The radio show scheduled for the 21st is postponed. More news on that to come. Also of note, THE KEEPER was yesterday's pick on Go check it out!

I learned today that during the 1950s, Progestin, a synthetic progesterone, was administered to women who had histories of miscarriages. Progestin, a female hormone, is structured similarly to testosterone, and when activated can bond to those receptors, and cause male genitalia tracts to develop without the Y chromosome. The babies of mothers who took Progestin were born, but unfortunately, in some cases the girls' genital tracts were masculinized. In severe cases, the girls were born with what looked like male genitalia, and raised as boys until puberty, when their estrogen levels increased. Got to be a story in there somewhere!