Friday, April 27, 2007

Best Morning Ever!

Took two final exams yesterday, and so long as I got a B minus or better in biochemistry (okay, I might have to repeat the class), my days of exams are over. All that remains is my thesis. For the first time in a long time, I woke up this morning, and didn't immediately go to work. Instead I made toast, eggs, and coffee, and wandered the apartment. Not once did I consider bursting into tears. I am so friggin happy that this long road is almost over.

Other stuff that's been happening, but I've been too busy studying metabolic pathways or pulling together Power Point presentations to post about:

-The Tenant (Roland Topor) gave me the most pleasure I've had reading a book in a long time. "The tooth! The tooth!" as that guy in Dune said. I liked the ending, but wasn't sure it had the resonance that such a smart plot device deserves. The story could have been a lot scarier if the author had lingered on certain scenes. The neighbors standing on boxes in the courtyard, for example. But I'm being picky.

-Painted Bird (Jerzy Zosinski) is bananas. I loved it until it got too one-note.

-Coast of Akron (Adrienne Miller) was one of the most skilled first novels of 2006. About a dysfunctional family in Akron (think Prisoner's Dilemma meets Brideshead Revisited), it's smart, ambitious, and relentless.

-Last night, galleys for The Missing arrived, and they look awesome. Best cover ever.

-I may finally get a hair cut for the first time since November.

-We're closing on the house early May.

-The Washington Times reviewed The Keeper. More reasons to love The Washington Times.

-Got a film offer for The Missing.

-At the literary festival in Rockaway, I shared a panel with Tom O'Callaghan (The Bone Thief), one of the most delightful people I've ever met.

-My thesis adviser is an exceedingly good sport.

-The new incarnation of my writing workshop, Who Wants Cake, now includes Victor LaValle (The Ecstatic) and Dave Wellington (Monster Island). While I still carry around pictures of Lee Thomas and Stefan Petrucha because I miss them terribly, these new guys are wonderful. Along with Milda DeVoe and Rhodi Hawk, they're bringing vitality and enthusiasm to the table, which, for this burned out gal, has been a necessary kick in the head, and also, a lifesaver.

-Myspace annoys the hell out of me.