Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August Newsletter


Hope you’re all well and got to the beach, the mountains, or the
backyard BBQ this summer. I’ve been remiss in these updates, so the bad
news is, the following is long. The good new is, at the end of this
message you’ll have the chance to win a prize. And not one of those
cheap, Cracker Jack prizes, ether. Here goes:

*THE MISSING (also known as VIRUS in the UK) is getting some good
advance attention:

--Starred Review, Publisher’s Weekly: “…a genuine creepfest that
recalls, in the best way possible, the early work of Stephen King…
Langan has the control of a pro, parsing just enough horrific details to
allow the truly gruesome scenes to play out unbound in the
imagination; this solid sophomore effort proves that the uncanny ability of The
Keeper to burrow into readers’ heads and stay there was no fluke.”

--The Times of London : “Langan has a sharp eye for the small, vivid
details of American life, and her characters are utterly believable.
“—Lisa Tuttle

--Brian Keene, author of Ghoul: “With THE MISSING, Sarah Langan
solidifies her position alongside Joe Hill, Tim Lebbon, Tom Piccirilli, and
a handful of others as one of the best dark fiction writers of our
--Hellnotes: "Reads like any of the superior works of King, McCammon,
or Barker,” —Craig Davis
--Starburst: "An outstanding page-turner that sidesteps the more dogged
cliches while celebrating others with grandeur gore."

--SFX: "lovingly gruesome descriptions, and the characters are richly

*In September, look for more reviews and interviews from the inaugural
issue of Vince Liguano’s wonderful Magazine “Dark Scribe,”
Canada’s “Rue Morgue,” and the ambitious new horror review journal
“Dead Reckonings” from Hippocampus Press.

*All hardcover copies of both THE KEEPER and VIRUS are now sold out, so
if you’ve got them, they’re collectors’ items!

*Delightful Paul Kane ( ) interviewed me for
both Writer’s Forum ( and Fangoria
(, issue #266. It’s a great Fangoria, featuring Larry Fessenden,
director of “Habit,” “Wendigo,” And “The Last Winter,” and an
in-depth review of the smart new French thriller “Them.” Both
magazines are in bookstores, right now!

*Forthcoming stories and essays:

“Why I write Horror” will be published in the St. John’s
Humanities Review ( this fall.
“The Lost” will be published as a signed, limited edition chapbook
in early 2008 by Cemetery Dance Publications.

"Fenstad's End" and "Dark Matter" are both forthcoming from Cemetery
Dance Magazine.

"The Burn Victim" will be in the Shivers V Anthology.

"Changeling" will be in The Best Horror, 2007.

"Independence Day" will be published in Darkness on the Edge: an
anthology of stories inspired by Bruce Springsteen, due out early 2008 from
PS Publishing.

I’m about to post the Mystery Site of the Month for September. So go
to my website and drop a line before September 1 if you’ve got a
suggestion. I’m all out of all copies of THE MISSING, so winners will be
offered either three signed paperbacks of THE KEEPER immediately, or
three copies of THE MISSING when they arrive in late September.

*Tour—I’ll be at all of the following. Check for details and more
events on my website:

September 8th, 3pm-- Signing at Doylestown Arts Festival, Doylestown,
September 28th, 1:30pm-- Signing at the annual New England Independent
Booksellers Association (NEIBA) Trade Show, Rhode Island Convention
Center, Providence, Rhode Island
October 14th-- Live chat with The Writer's Chatroom
( for horror month.
October 15th-- live chat as MUSE with The Lost and the Damned
( More about MUSE to come.
October 20th-- Barnes and Noble signing at 421 Arena Hub Plaza,
Wilkes-Barre, PA
October 26th-- Signing at Mysterious Galaxy, 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd,
San Diego, CA, 7pm.
October 29th-- Signing with Deborah LeBlanc and Alexandra Sokoloff at
Borders Books, 116 Bangor Mall Blvd, Bangor, ME, 7pm
October 30th-- Signing with Deborah LeBlanc and Alexandra Sokoloff at
Borders Books, 430 Gorham Rd, South Portland, ME, 7pm
November 2-5-- Maine Literary Festival, Camden, ME
November 4th-- Second Life, interview, 5pm
November 17th, 2pm-- Signing with Deborah LeBlanc and Alexandra
Sokoloff at Dark Delicacies, 4213 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA,
March 27-30th--World Horror Convention
(, Salt Lake City, Utah
May 27-31-- Instructor, Pen to Press Writer's Retreat
(, Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA

*In related news, it’s been a big summer for my peers, and I wanted
to mention their accomplishments. I’m stunned by the growth of the
speculative fiction market over the last few years, particularly because
the books now seeing publication are so good. I hope that if you get
this newsletter because you like your fiction smart, and your art
relevant, that you investigate the authors below:

Ellen Datlow (, Kelly Link, and Gavin Grant, three of
the best editors in the business, had an anthology nominated for a World
COLLECTION). I particularly recommend this series, or anything else the above
are attached to.

Milda DeVoe ( received her third Pushcart nomination.

Jon Evans’ ( third novel INVISIBLE ARMIES went on
sale in June. He is also posting his
charming children’s novel for grown-ups, BEASTS OF NEW YORK, online

Nicholas Kaufmann’s (
) chapbook, GENERAL SLOCUM’S GOLD, went into its second printing via
Burning Effigy Press, the new publishing house helmed by “Rue
Morgue” scribe Monica Kuebler.

Carrie Laben, Paul Tremblay, and Jeff Vandermeer all published
excellent stories in the new online magazine Clarkesworld
( Actually, all the stories in Clarkesworld are excellent.

Stefan Petrucha and Thomas Pendleton released the first novel, LURKER,
in their WICKED DEAD young adult series—today!

JT Petty ( finished filming his brilliant period

Sarah Pinborough’s ( third novel BREEDING
GROUND was nominated for a World Fantasy Award.

Brett Savory’s ( first novel IN AND DOWN received
a starred review from Canada’s answer to Publisher’s Weekly, Quill
and Quire Magazine.

Alexandra Sokoloff’s ( first novel, THE
HARROWING received an Anthony Nomination for best first novel.

David Wellington ( ) released two

*Finally, the prize!

My excellent publicists at HarperCollins are holding a contest:

Thriller fans, book lovers, YouTubers etc. are invited to submit their
30 second trailers for THE MISSING! Finalist trailers will be featured
on THE MISSING MySpace page (to come) and Sarah Langan’s website. The
winner will receive an iPhone plus copies of THE KEEPER and THE
Contest starts when THE MISSING goes on sale: September 25, 2007.
Submission details to come.

Which reminds me, click the link below, and go pre-order THE MISSING!

--I told you there was a prize!

That’s it. Thanks for you interest and indulgence.

Stop Scrolling! It’s over!