Blurbage Extravaganza!

THE KEEPER is a brilliant debut, heralding the arrival of a major talent.
-Tim Lebbon, author of DUSK and BERSERK

THE KEEPER's a smart, brand-new take on the haunted house story. In vivid, compelling prose, which runs from the wry to the lyrical, Langan here gives us nothing less than a sharply realized portrait of an American town in the death-throes of decay. Susan Marley is a subtle juggernaut of a character --and she inhabits the mind once you've finished like a dark, lingering smoke.
-Jack Ketchum, author of OFFSPRING

A dark and bracingly bleak tale of supernatural terror. Its brooding atmosphere comes as much from the social and psychological as from the ghostly, and best of all, from the quality of the prose.
-Ramsey Campbell, author of THE OVERNIGHT and ALONE WITH THE HORRORS

THE KEEPER begins what should be a very fruitful career.
-Peter Straub, author of BLACK HOUSE, IN THE NIGHT ROOM

Deft and disturbing, THE KEEPER twists expectations into surreal surprises. Sarah Langan's tale of haunted lives and landscapes is hypnotic reading - an assured and impressive debut.
-Douglas Winter, author of PRIME EVIL, THE DARK FANTASTIC

Sarah Langan's debut novel THE KEEPER kept me up, late into the night. Do I bear her a grudge? Of course not! I'm hoping for a whole shelf of novels by Langan, and many other sleepless nights.

An astonishing first novel...chilling, haunting, and so smartly written that the pages fly by like the wind.
-Ray Garton, author of THE LOVELIEST DEAD


The Keeper USA Cover The Keeper UK Cover