Virus/The Missing Reviews

Starred Review, Publishers Weekly:
“…a genuine creepfest that recalls, in the best way possible, the early work of Stephen King… Langan has the control of a pro, parsing just enough horrific details to allow the truly gruesome scenes to play out unbound in the imagination; this solid sophomore effort proves that the uncanny ability of The Keeper to burrow into readers’ heads and stay there was no fluke.”

The Times of London:
“Langan has a sharp eye for the small, vivid details of American life, and her characters are utterly believable.“
—Lisa Tuttle

“Ms. Langan succeeds in delivering a masterpiece.“
—J.G. Faherty

Brian Keene, author of Ghoul:
“With THE MISSING, Sarah Langan solidifies her position alongside Joe Hill, Tim Lebbon, Tom Piccirilli, and a handful of others as one of the best dark fiction writers of our generation.”

"Reads like any of the superior works of King, McCammon, or Barker,”
—Craig Davis

"An outstanding page-turner that sidesteps the more dogged cliches while celebrating others with grandeur gore."

"lovingly gruesome descriptions, and the characters are richly detailed.”

Dark Scribe:
“This is a writer who actually gets better with each word that flows from her blood-soaked pen… Like King and Straub and Koontz before her, Langan proves that she’s no one-hit wonder and is in this for the long haul.”
—Vince Liaguno

Romance Reviews Today:
“THE MISSING is an excellent book… A well-written, highly disturbing novel of evil at its worst.”
—Terrie Figueroa

Darque Reviews:
The Missing is horror at its shocking best… Hair-raising, and like any nightmare it will linger long after you’ve reached the end.”
—Kimberly Swan

Fresh Fiction:
“Chilling horror at its finest! …a great read by a very talented new voice in the horror genre.”
—Tanzey Cutter

Madison Country Herald:
The Missing is reminiscent of Stephen King's Salem's Lot with wicked drops of Koontz, Barker and Straub. Sarah Langan is the new jack-o'-lantern on the doorstep. Walk around her cautiously.”
—JC Patterson

Round Table Reviews:
“This battle of good versus evil will leave readers on the edge of their seat.”
—Tracy Farnsworth

Fantasy Book Critic:
“THE MISSING is nightmarishly good, Sarah Langan is definitely the real deal, and my love for horror literature has been rekindled in a big way!"
—Robert Thompson

The Agony Column:
“THE MISSING may just make you realize how much you've been missing your American Cheese, how delightful these paperback visions of terror are.”
—Rick Kleffel