Monday, February 16, 2009

February Newsletter

The February newsletter!

Dear all,

Thanks for staying tuned, and if you're new to this newsletter, thanks for joining. I've got a few announcements:

1) The Shirley Jackson Awards is now raffling a host of items from its website, including things like Neil Gaiman's signed keyboard, and a short story critique from yours truly. Each ticket costs $1. For more info, go here. It works like this: buy as many raffle tickets for the particular item(s) you want, and winners will be announced by February 24th. The event is a fundraiser to help pay for physical awards, web development, books, travel, etc. Reading is fundamental-- go buy a ticket!

2) March 10, 7:30pm, Brooklyn, NY: I'll be reading, along with my good friend Playwright Maggie Cino at The Perch Cafe. The selection will either be from AUDREY'S DOOR or "The Lost." Be there!

3) I signed at Comic Con in NYC last Friday, February 6, and also spoke on a panel about the ways in which New York inspires fiction writers. Inviting novelists is new for Comic Con, and I hope they continue to do it, because I had a wonderful time. My signing also got a nice write-up in Media Bistro.

4) The Boskone science fiction convention (February 13-15) in Boston was also a treat to attend, and I'd recommend it to anyone in the area. I moderated several panels, and enjoyed myself immensely.

5) My novel AUDREY'S DOOR is finished (!), and the best thing I've written so far. Look for it from HarperCollins in October, 2009, or pre-order it from Amazon.

6) I've started my fourth novel, EMPTY HOUSES, and so far, it's been a lot of fun.

7) My second novel, THE MISSING, will be published in Poland under the title VIRUS. It has already been published in Spanish, Italian, and World English, and should be out in Russian within the next year.

8) Short stories-- I've been playing around with genre lately, and some of the below could be categorized as literary, fantasy, horror, and even sci-fi:

"The Lost," my limited edition Chapbook out from Cemetery Dance Publications, about a woman who works at Filene's Basement on Long Island and begins to disappear in the grisliest of ways, won a reader's choice award from Dark Scribe Magazine, and has also made the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award. Keep your fingers crossed!

UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS, FROM THE SHADOWS OF THE CLOSET, which contains my short story "The Agathas," has made the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award. "The Agathas" is about two women born to a provincial Croatian town on the precipice of starvation. Because of the cauls over their eyes, they are outcasts, just like poor Smike.

"Fenstad's End," is now available from issue 59 of Cemetery Dance Magazine. It's the story upon which I based THE MISSING, but tonally, has a lot in common with THE ROAD. It's about a former doctor and patient who meet in the aftermath of an environmental apocalypse.

"Independence Day" will be out from PS Publishing's Springsteen anthology in the fall of 2009. It takes place in near future totalitarian Jackson Heights, Queens, where a young woman reports her father for terrorism because he refuses to take his state-prescribed opiates. She soon regrets that decision.

"The Dark Materials Project" will be out from the Clive Barker "Hellraiser" anthology in the fall of 2009 (Pocket Books). It's about a scientist working for a corporation whose mission is to decode the shadow DNA that determines the character of the human soul. Turns out, that code opens a pretty ugly door.

9) My husband and I are expecting our first child in May. During a recent public appearance of Takashi Miike ("Audition") at the Japan Society, the little peanut kicked for an entire hour, reassuring us both that she likes Japanese horror.

That's it for announcements. Sorry I've been out of touch. I plan to update my website and make appearances/ publication info more accessible in the very near future.

Sarah Langan