Short Stories

Are You Trying to Tell Me This is Heaven?
Zombies! My first and probably only, about a father in search of his daughter, who happened to be in jail when the apocalypse started. It's one of my strongest. From John Joseph Adams' The Living Dead 2. Not yet up for preorder, but the line-up is here.

Independence Day
A long short story, and my first published science fiction piece. It's set in Queens, 2077, in a world where buildings fall like rain. Now Available in DARKNESS ON THE EDGE, edited by Harrison Howe; a new anthology of dark tales inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen. Order here.

The Dark Materials Project
From Paul's Kane's Clive Barker-inspired anthology HellBound Hearts, about the modern Tower of Babel. Order here.

The Agathas
From the Bram-Stoker Award-Winning anthology UNSPEAKABLE HORROR. In "Agathas," the 2009 honorable mention in Datlow's Year's Best Horror, Two children on other sides of a post-apocalyptic town are born with cauls over their faces. Order it from Dark Scribe Magazine.

The Great Pumpkin Arrives at Last
July, 2008, in Doorways Magazine.

The Lost
Bram-Stoker Award-Winning story about a lonely Long Island salesgirl at Filene's Basement. After her father dies, she begins to disappear in the grisliest of ways. A signed, limited edition, 2008 chapbook from Cemetery Dance Publishing.

Fenstad's End
A post-apocalyptic piece set in the Hamptons. The main character inspired my novel THE MISSING. December, 2008 Cemetery Dance Magazine.

The Changeling
Originally published in PHANTOM Magazine. Buy Phantom, or buy Changeling, along with some other excellent stories, collected in Horror: The Best of the Year, edited by John Gregory Betancourt and Sean Wallace.

The Secrets of the Living
Originally published in Chiaroscuro, first place winner of Chiaroscuro's ninth annual fiction contest, 2003

Originally published in Watchword Literary Magazine, 2003

Taut Red Ribbon
Originally published in Chiaroscuro, 2002

Originally published in, 2000