Friday, December 01, 2006

Atlantic Monthly

The Atlantic Monthly's December lead story recognizes the "100 most influential Americans of all time". Panelists are: Joyce Appleby, H. W. Brands, Robert Dallek, Ellen Fitzpatrick, Doris Kearns Goodwin, John Steele Gordon, David M. Kennedy, Walter McDougal, Mark Knoll, and Gordon S. Wood. Almost all are history professors. Only ten of the selected influential Americans are women, and the first to make her arrival, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, ranks 30. What the *%&%! Look harder, people.

The 6-page article mostly explains the moronic selection process. Each American mentioned gets a one-sentence bio.

I like the Atlantic a lot, particularly its in-depth pieces relating to international politics. But once in a while it runs fluff like above, presumably to attract readers, or else it publishes some alarmist baloney describing America in the post-apocalypse. Both are irresponsible.

Women selected, and their ranks:
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (30)
Susan B.Anthony (38)
Rachel Carlson (39)
Harriet Beacher Stowe (41)
Eleanor Roosevelt (42)
Margaret Sanger (51)
Jane Adams (64)
Betty Friedan (77)
Mararet Mead (81)
Mary Baker Eddy (86)